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Aug 02, 2021

ZTE’s Second Generation Under The Display Camera Phone Could Arrive Soon

Jul 06, 2021 News

ZTE’s Second Generation Under The Display Camera Phone Could Arrive Soon

Chinese manufacturer ZTE was the pioneer to introduce a phone with camera under its display. Although Axon 20 by ZTE unique feature faced plenty of issues it was still a step ahead for the firm and large in the industry too. Now the company is ready to come with an improved flagship version of the same camera setting that was previously introduced. 

The first teaser is out showing Axon 30 which was published by Weibo introducing ZTE’s first flagship featuring its second generation under the display technology for its camera. 

The teaser shows the design which indicates a departure to punch hole camera and it’s notable all screen display in Axon 30 pro and Axon 30 Ultra models. 

Under the display camera in the second generation. 


Acknowledging the ZTE’s claims, the Axon 30 should be coming out with improvements in it’s selfie shooting camera. There was a hazy effect seen on the Axon 20, however the screen area above the camera of Axon 30 will feature double pixel density which will deduct the hazy effect. The company is also claiming to have 120Hz refresh rate. Eventually, a better camera quality is expected. 

In February this year, ZTE showcased itself flaunting a 3D face unlock system with using under the display light scanner but the news is unclear about its debut on the ZTE Axon 30. 

What else can be expected from ZTE Axon 30. 

ZTE did not reveal in-depth details for the phone’s other specs but from few guesses based on it’s siblings ZTE Axon 30 pro and Ultra will pack Snapdragon 888 chipset, UFS 3.1 storage, quad rear camera led by 64 mega pixel sensor and 6.67 inch display. The phones launch date is not confirmed yet. 

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