Youtube Music Playlists Now Integrated With Google Assistant

Oct 05, 2020 App News

Youtube Music Playlists Now Integrated With Google Assistant

We’ve heard plenty of rumours about Google potentially putting an end to its Google Play Music Services around the world - and that news was confirmed by Google eventually as well, now with the PC version of the app no longer working as well. It’s expected that in October, all Google Play Music users in the US will have their services of the Play Music shut down completely, with other countries following suit as well.

As Google Play Music is on its slow decline, Google is actually bringing in more and more features in Youtube Music, trying to make the transition between the two streaming services as smooth as possible for users. Now, they’ve added more features for playlists inside of Youtube Music, as users can even bring their entire playlists from Play Music to YT Music seamlessly. Moreover, now Google has actually paired the playlists in Youtube Music with Google Assistant - allowing users to access their personalized playlists or even liked videos in Youtube just by using their Google Assistant.

All they’ll need to do is just wake Google Assistant up, and say or type “Hey Google, play X playlist” and it will directly start playing on Youtube Music - without even needing to specify to play it on the app itself. If the app is set as the default on your phone, it’s rumoured that you don’t even need to add the word “playlist” in there, as it will detect automatically.

It’s interesting to see how Google will progress further with the YT Music app, and how they’ll make it big enough to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

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