You Can Now Shoot Bokeh Videos On An iPhone: Live Focus App

Jul 07, 2020 News

You Can Now Shoot Bokeh Videos On An iPhone: Live Focus App

From the past several years, or perhaps even since the start of its existence, Apple iPhones have had one of the best cameras in any smartphone, if not the best. The current flagship from Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro, arguably has the best camera in a phone as of now. This is due to the quality of images their sensors capture, and then the image processing software that Apple implements on these photos to make them look amazing. Another feature that adds to the praise of these cameras is the Bokeh mode, or the background blur effect, which Apple added to their phones in 2016. The portrait mode on the iPhones since has been excellent, with accurate edge detection and natural looking background blur.

However, the portrait mode has been limited to photos over the years, and never got a dedicated video portrait mode inside the camera app in iPhones. Even though iPhones have always had the best video capturing capabilities in any smartphone, they did lack this one feature - but not anymore. Focus Live is an app you can download on the app store, which allows you to make use of the portrait mode, and apply the bokeh effect to videos as well. Meaning, if your videos didn’t already look DSLR-esque before from an iPhone, now they definitely clear the mark. However, you will need to use a stabilizer or something along those lines, because image stabilization isn’t effective inside the Focus Live app, which is strange.

The app is free, but consists of in-app purchases which unlock some pro features for users. However, it’s great to see an app finally make use of the capabilities of the iPhone hardware - though not to its maximum potential, but still to a great extent;.

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