You Can Now Block Apps From Tracking You On iOS 14: Here's How

Jul 18, 2020 News

You Can Now Block Apps From Tracking You On iOS 14: Here's How

It’s no doubt that Apple has privacy as its core concern when it’s trying to make new products, or improve the existing ones. Along the years its core belief has been providing users a safe way to use their Apple devices without being attacked by viruses or hackers. Adding upon the already secure foundation of Apple, the company has decided to take it up a notch further by implementing more security features to make sure the users don’t feel vulnerable while using their phone. These changes will be coming in the latest iOS 14 that will be installed on all upcoming iPhones and will also make its way towards previous devices as well.

It has been seen recently with major tech companies and apps getting in trouble because of their privacy policies and data handling management. Mark Zuckerberg was called to court to defend his app collecting data for ad purposes and so on. This raised eyebrows all over the tech community, and most companies - including Facebook - implemented several security features to make sure the users and the legal authorities remain satisfied. Apple is taking a similar stance, as it’s introducing a feature that will allow you to block apps from tracking your activity completely. Even if you keep the option on, apps will STILL have to ask you for your permission.

How To Turn Off App Tracking On iOS 14

  • Go to Settings > Privacy
  • Select the Tracking option in Privacy
  • Toggle the option off if you don’t want apps to be able to even ask you for permission
  • If you do give permission to an app to track your activity, it will appear under the Tracking section

When an app does ask you for permission, this is what it will look like on your iPhone:

It’s great to see companies prioritizing security so much, and we hope the trend continues to progress in the future as well.

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