Xiaomi's Spring New Product Launch Conference Is Scheduled For March 29

Mar 22, 2021 News

Xiaomi's Spring New Product Launch Conference Is Scheduled For March 29

Last night, the official announcement of ‘BIG NEWS’ by Xiaomi officials and several executives immediately attracted netizens' attention. At 10 a.m. on March 22, Xiaomi mobile phone official Weibo officially announced: Xiaomi spring new product launch conference, see you on March 29. Xiaomi also said that the story of the new Xiaomi is going to be shared with you in person. Unfortunately, they did not disclose what new product is going to be launch this time.


The mobile phone China speculates that the new product released this time may be the ‘new flagship.’ After all, the Xiaomi Mi 11's super cup and the MIX folding screen flagship have been rumored for a long time, and it seems that there is a feeling of the arrowhead. Earlier news broke that Mi 11 Pro may be released at the end of March, which coincides with March 29. It is reported that the upcoming Mi 11 Pro is likely to be the first to be equipped with Samsung's new generation flagship image sensor, GN2, and the image performance is worth looking forward to.

Since it is a spring new product launch, Xiaomi should release more than one new product. In addition to the highly likely Xiaomi Mi 11 super cup and the long-rumored flagship of the MIX folding screen, Xiaomi may also launch a new Mi Notebook Pro (previously stated it coming soon), as well as tablets, bracelets, and other products at this conference. . For details, we have to wait for the official announcement.

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