Xiaomi's CEO Lists His Top 3 Smartphones

Jun 29, 2020 News

Xiaomi's CEO Lists His Top 3 Smartphones

Xiaomi has been known to make top-notch smartphones for consumers year in year out, and it’s been quite a while since they’ve solidified their place in the market as one of the best smartphone manufacturers out there. A huge part of that has been played by Xiaomi’s CEO, being Lei Jun, who has done a tremendous job in making sure the company produces stellar products paired with efficient marketing to get their smartphones out there. All that hard work has now resulted in the company being a top 5 phone manufacturer in the world.

Along the process, it’s obvious that the CEO himself is likely to get involved at ground level, to overlook the manufacturing stages and if the quality is being maintained throughout or not. Witnessing such stages of the mobile manufacturing has surely earned a few phones a favourite spot in Lei Jun’s book - and we now know the founder’s 3 favourite Xiaomi devices since the company’s existence.

The first Xiaomi mobile device that the CEO included in his favourites was the Mi Mix 2. This in fact was his favourite smartphone, and the build quality is a major reason for that. He mentions how the ceramic unibody on the Mi Mix 2 was the first to ever get introduced in a smartphone around the world, and the process involved keeping the body in a 1400 degrees Celsius heating period that lasted 7 days total. We agree that the phone looked phenomenal at its time and would still hold its own today.

The second phone he talked about was the Mi 6, and the build quality was a deciding factor for this one as well. The Mi 6 Bright Silver Discovery Edition was the specific model he spoke about, as it had a vacuum-plated glass back and you could even use it as a mirror if you looked directly at it. Overall it just felt and looked premium for Lei Jun, and we couldn’t agree more with him.

Lastly, Xiaomi’s current flagship had to make it to the list as well, as he chose the Mi 10 Pro as well. It’s the first Xiaomi flagship to be available officially all around the world, and it’s a crucial reason for why the founder has picked this one to be on the list. The Mi 10 Pro is an all-around fantastic phone, and delivers a lot of punch for the price it comes with, which isn’t that low as you’d expect from the company, but it’s still lower than other flagships.

It was a pleasure to know the owner’s choices for the best Xiaomi devices, and perhaps it’s a signal for future phones to focus heavily on the build quality side of things to make sure Xiaomi phones always stand out from the pack.

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