Xiaomi's Amazfit X Smartwatch Completes Crowdfunding - Now In Production Phase

Aug 26, 2020 News

Xiaomi's Amazfit X Smartwatch Completes Crowdfunding - Now In Production Phase

Xiaomi as we all know is primarily known for its smartphones, as it makes great phones for all the segments in the smartphone market. We know it for the Mi Pro's and the Redmi's that it produces. However, over the years, the Chinese manufacturer has gotten into other realms of the tech world as well, making great products like smart bands, lamps, weighing scales and just about anything you could think of to be honest. Now, they’re all set to enter the smartwatch business as well, as they’ve finally completed the crowdfunding of Amazfit X, their very own brand of smartwatches, and it’s definitely different from the competition in the market.

amazfit watch x

The watch will be produced and manufactured by Huami, a partner of Xiaomi which has worked on other smartwear products for Xiaomi, including the much popular Mi band series. After having reached its crowdfunding goal, the Amazfit X is now going into its production phase. The watch boasts a design that we haven’t really seen in the market before, as they opt for a curved display that goes around the watch, which itself is a titanium unibody piece - both of which help the watch look and feel premium to its core. The display itself is 2.07” in real estate, as it’s bent on a 92 degree angle to make viewing better for users.

amazfit x features

Moreover, the battery is going to be impressive as well, as it’ll offer about 7 days of usage, and will be curved along the display as well. You’ll be able to measure a lot of different health related benchmarks, like your heart beat, your SpO2 or blood oxygen levels, sleep tracking and a lot more. You also get several sport modes and app notifications on the watch.

The watch is set to go on sale on the 29th of October globally, as it’s expected to retail at a decent, $144 price point. The watch seems exciting, different and unique - all of which will help it get a lot of attention when it nears its release date.

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