Xiaomi Working With Qualcomm To Bring PC-like Tweaks To GPU Settings

Jul 30, 2020 News

Xiaomi Working With Qualcomm To Bring PC-like Tweaks To GPU Settings

Gaming on smartphones has come a long long way from the past, as we see professional mobile gaming tournaments being held worldwide - some even rewarding the winners with millions in cash prizes. This has been due to the impressive adaptation that the computation has achieved in smartphones, including the hardware chipsets being so powerful and manufacturers providing gaming modes in their smartphones which enhance the game experience for users - such as the GPU Turbo in Huawei, and Hyper Boost in Oppo. However, this might get taken to the next level, as Xiaomi is pairing up with Qualcomm to introduce a new GPU mode that would allow PC level of tweaking in the processor department.

According to Ice Universe, a well-known leaker, Xiaomi is pairing up with Qualcomm to develop a new GPU technology for the Mi 10 Pro Plus, which will allow users to change the settings for the GPU, including but not limited to High Graphics, Battery Saver and Custom. If you go with Custom, you can actually tweak GPU settings similar to what you get for PCs, such as the ability to change anti-aliasing, textures and a lot more.

This may be a precursor for bigger things to come in the future, as this isn’t the first news we’ve gotten about the partnership between the two powerhouse companies. We also heard about the new Quick Charge 5.0 technology coming from Qualcomm, and how a future Xiaomi phone will be the first one to make use of it in the market. We’ll have to wait and see how things develop between these two companies in the future, but it sure does look promising.

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