Xiaomi To Soon Release In-Display Front Camera In An Upcoming Mi 10 Ultra Variant

Sep 06, 2020 News

Xiaomi To Soon Release In-Display Front Camera In An Upcoming Mi 10 Ultra Variant

Xiaomi has been a great presence in the smartphone market for the past few years, as it has been known as one of the best manufacturers around - but hasn’t really entered that top 3 category or be considered as a pioneer in the game. Well, recently it actually did kind of enter the top 3 manufacturers in the market - however, it was only restrained to the European region, as it just passed Apple to get the 3rd spot, and as reports show, it could well be on its way to get that position in other regions of the world as well.

Now, it’s looking to be a pioneer and innovator of the market too, as it’s been in the search for ways that it can be the first in the market - which has led to the Chinese manufacturer being the first OEM to support 100W fast charging in a phone, being paired with Qualcomm to do so. The partnership between the two has also allowed Xiaomi to put the Snapdragon 732G in its sub-brand's upcoming Poco X3 NFC - the first phone to have the chip.

That’s not where it ends though, as the company is also looking to be one of the first companies to implement an in-display front camera in an upcoming Mi 10 Ultra variant - and from leaks and rumours, that might not be too far away from commercial usage. Recently, we saw a video released from Xiaomi itself that explained the 3rd generation of in-display front camera and the technology that the company is using and how it will be implemented. Now it’s expected that a variant of the upcoming Mi 10 Ultra might have this technology inside, which might drop around the final months of this year.


Previously, the in-display selfie camera phone from Xiaomi was expected to come somewhere in 2021, but after a comparison and hands on video was posted on Weibo, it seems like the release date might be much sooner than that - even as early as this October. We also recently heard about the ZTE Axon 20 5G, another phone which has implemented the under-screen front camera in its device, as we wait to see how and when the technology will be properly commercialized.

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