Xiaomi To Release 2 Budget Devices: Redmi 9A and 9C

Jun 30, 2020 News

Xiaomi To Release 2 Budget Devices: Redmi 9A and 9C

Over the years, Xiaomi has really established itself as a versatile company, with fantastic phones at about every price range there is. From what started as an attempt to break in the mid range market of smartphones, Xiaomi has slowly built its reputation amongst the top sharks in the pool as well. The recent Mi 10 Pro is one of the fastest phones in the market, and provides plenty of specs for users at a couple hundred bucks below the price point that usual flagships lie around. However, the company has made sure not to forget its roots in the mid range and budget department, and hence they’ve given the public their Redmi 9 or Note 9 series - which received a lot of praise from the consumers.


Redmi is looking to add to their arsenal though, as they’ll be releasing budget versions of the Redmi 9, being the 9A and 9C in the market. These are going to be great sub-100 dollar smartphones that are going to offer more specs in this segment than ever seen before in a smartphone. The cheaper 9A model will consist of a MediaTek G25 chipset; whereas the 9C is going to sport an upgraded G35 one. The slightly more expensive 9C will also have a triple camera setup at the back and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Apart from that, the sizes of the screens are going to be identical, and both phones will have a 5000 mAh battery cell.

The 9A is going to cost about 80 bucks, and the 9C will go for about a 100. These are great prices for the features these phones pack, and will definitely be one of the best choices at the price category. However, we would advise you to go a few dollars extra, and get the Redmi Note 9 for about 140, which is a much better overall mobile device. The Redmi 9A will be released in Malaysia on the 7th of July, with the 9C coming out later the same month.

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