Xiaomi To Reduce Plastic Waste By 60% In Phone Packing

Oct 24, 2020 News

Xiaomi To Reduce Plastic Waste By 60% In Phone Packing

Xiaomi is a phone manufacturer that’s been gradually increasing in popularity and market share, and is making moves to move higher in the mobile competition. Recently, the company’s twitter tweeted about them opting for less plastic waste in their mobile packaging, starting from the recent Mi 10T Lite.

Now they aren’t going to remove any contents inside the packaging box, which they made sure to mention in the tweet especially - certainly a shot taken at Apple who recently removed the charging brick from the mobile packaging box for environmental and green reasons. You’ll still be getting the charger, the USB-C cable, and a transparent case even.

We unboxed the #Mi10TLite - Atlantic Blue variant 😎 You'll get all the essentials, just with less plastic waste. Starting in Europe, we've committed to reducing plastic packaging by about 60%. 🌏 pic.twitter.com/ai1yq3YR92

The actual way Xiaomi will reduce plastic is probably in the materials that are used in making the packaging box. Using recycled plastic and environmentally-safe materials in the box is going to help the usage of plastic by a substantial amount - around 60% according to Xiaomi and their claims.

Of course this isn’t the first time a company has taken a shot at Apple for their choices as the pioneer of the smartphone market - the first time we saw it was when Apple removed the headphone jack to make way for other components. The likes of Google and Samsung made fun of the company, but pretty soon followed in Apple’s footsteps. We might see a similar trend in this charger situation as well.

However, Xiaomi can’t remove their charger from the box as easily as Apple can - because Apple sells a lot more phones, and their phones over the years have been a lot more popular, which presents a much higher probability of iPhone 12 buyers already having above-par chargers at home - something which is unlikely with Xiaomi. Moreover, Xiaomi sells fast charging bricks inside the box, whereas Apple sells their regular chargers - so it’s much easier for them to remove it out of the box than it is for Xiaomi.

The Mi 10T Lite is the first phone which will implement this 60% reduction in plastic waste with the packaging of the device.

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