Xiaomi Releases 3 New Charging Accessories

Aug 12, 2020 News

Xiaomi Releases 3 New Charging Accessories

Xiaomi is really trying to break the charging technology and bring a new era of speed into the game - and they aren’t going to stop at just wired charging. We previously got to hear about how Xiaomi had paired up with Qualcomm to reportedly release the first phone that’s going to be compatible with Quick Charge 5.0, and consequently support 100W+ fast charging. We also got to know that Mi 10 Ultra is going to be that phone. However, now Xiaomi has released 3 charging devices in China to keep the speed up with wireless technology as well.

They released three new charging accessories: a 55W wireless charging stand, a 20W wireless tracking pad charger, and a 100W car charger. All of the three items are about speed, and speak volumes about Xiaomi’s position on fast charging.

Let’s start with the 55W wireless charger; we previously had a 30W fast wireless charger from Xiaomi which worked great itself, but keeping up with the charging capabilities of wired chargers, the Chinese manufacturer just bumped up the capacity by 20W more. The wireless tracking pad is a lot like a wireless charger, but you don’t need to align your phone with the wireless coil - instead, you can just throw your device on the pad, and it will automatically detect where it’s lying down, and start charging it right away. Moving on to the third charging accessory, which is simple enough to understand by its name, as it’s a 100W car charger. Xiaomi claims that it will be able to charge the Mi 10 Ultra from 0 to 100 in under 25 minutes, which is insane.

Xiaomi never fails to disappoint the tech community by their involvement in various departments. Now they’re looking to take the charging aspect of phones to the next level, and we’re all in to witness the progression!

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