Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Review: Best 60,000 Rupees Phone?

Jun 26, 2020 Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Review: Best 60,000 Rupees Phone?

Xiaomi has been on a roll recently with all their new phones being released over the past year or so. It seems as if every phone they release automatically becomes a contender for the best possible device in its specific price range without argument. Most phones by Xiaomi end up being the best-in class when it comes to the price segment they fit in, and that speaks volumes about the company’s credibility and quality of products that they keep releasing. The same could be the case for the Mi Note 10 Lite, as it’s easily a top phone around the 60,000 Pakistani Rupees price point, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it actually is considered the best phone for 60000 rupees.

Premium Build

The Mi Note 10 Lite is built with excellent high-end materials throughout, and it seems like it’s much more expensive than the price tag it comes with. The phone is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, which helps protect the device and provide premium looks altogether. Moreover, you also get an aluminium frame on the sides binding the whole phone together, which again expresses Xiaomi’s determination to ensure users that their phones haven’t been compromised on quality at all.  

Best Display In Class?

Arguably. The competition Note 10 Lite has to go against is the likes of Samsung’s A51, Realme 6 Pro and Oppo Reno 3, with the latter being the only one that could go head to head against the Note 10 Lite. The Xiaomi phone comes with a bright and punchy AMOLED display with a size of 6.47”. The color reproduction of the screen is top-notch, and provides decent viewing angles. Brightness isn’t the best out there, but it isn’t bad either with about 430 nits at store in the phone; sunlight visibility won’t be much of an issue whatsoever. You may argue that phones from the Realme 6 lineup have a 90Hz display, and we’d understand your point, but it’s important to also realize the difference that exists between LCD panels and AMOLED ones, with the Realme phones sporting the prior.

Performance: Not As Good As We Expected

Don’t get us wrong, the performance on this device is still great, and a lot of games will include the ability to play on maximum settings considering that the Mi Note 10 Lite has a Snapdragon 730G inside it. You’ll be able to run most games on high settings and play them on consistently smooth framerates. So, why isn’t the performance as good as we thought it would be? Well, because the benchmark numbers on the device are on the level of 720G, with some phones containing that processor even surpassing the Mi Note 10 Lite in benchmarks. The 720G is still a top processor for the mid range segment, but considering the 730G is an upgraded version of the 720, it should reciprocate those results on paper as well.

Camera Results

The Note 10 Lite has a quad camera setup, with a 64MP main shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide, a 5MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro lens. Now right off the bat you’ll notice the exemption of a telephoto lens in the camera, but the absence isn’t felt as badly on the phone as there’s a 2x option inside the camera app that crops into the actual photo from the main lens, which in itself produces well-detailed shots. The main camera performs really well on this device, as you’ll get sharp and real-to-life images with plenty of details and dynamic range. Color reproduction is accurate, and overall photos look pleasing to the eye. The ultra-wide sees a major drop in megapixel count, so the quality is likely to decrease as well, but the shots are still decent and usable at the very least. Night mode works great when you turn it on, with reduced noise, better exposure and sufficient dynamic range. Portrait mode on the phone is top-notch though, with edge detection being accurate and the blur looking natural thanks to the depth sensor on the phone.


Battery life is amazing on the Lite. You get a 5260 mAh battery cell on the phone, which is large enough to provide you 2 days of use with ease. If you’re into heavy gaming and media consumption, then you’ll still be able to get a day and a half’s use out of this phone without any issues. You also get a 30W fast charger in the box, which will juice your device back up to 53% in just 30 minutes, and a full 100 in about an hour and a quarter. That’s seriously impressive considering the humongous size of the battery.


All in all, this is an incredible device for the price it comes with. The only downside to this phone, which isn’t really that negative, is that its performance is more correlated with the Snapdragon 720G instead of the 730G, but it will still satisfy all your gaming needs! We think this is the best phone for 60000 rupees in Pakistan as of now.  

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