Xiaomi Mi 33W SonicCharge 2.0 launches today

Nov 24, 2020 News

Xiaomi Mi 33W SonicCharge 2.0 launches today

Phone charging has gotten very different over the years - as previously it would take hours to fully charge a battery not even so large as the ones we have today, and people would seem to be okay with it. There wasn’t much confirmation about batteries being safe after being left overnight for charge, hence people didn’t opt for that option much either back then. However, things have gotten a lot better these days, with fast charging all around us, with Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 coming to the market with Mi 11 Pro, we will have 120W fast charging support in the phone which is absurd to even think about.

Talking about Xiaomi, it’s no doubt that they’re pioneers of the smartphone world, and the company releases a whole bunch of accessories for smartphones as well. Well, today the Sonic Charge 33W fast charger was officially launched in Pakistan by Xiaomi, which is a top of the line charger from the Chinese manufacturer that people can look to buy for their devices. You might wonder what’s so exciting about just a fast charger - well, this brick by Xiaomi will be supporting not only Quick Charge 3.0 by Qualcomm, but also Power Delivery (PD), and it will work perfectly with any smartphone, be it Xiaomi’s or not.

So even if you’re not a Xiaomi user, and you need a quick charger for yourself, this might be your best bet around. You can grab the new charger from Xiaomi’s official website for just Rs. 999.

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