Xiaomi Mi 11 officially arriving on December 28

Dec 24, 2020 News

Xiaomi Mi 11 officially arriving on December 28

Xiaomi is not one of the underdogs of the smartphone world anymore, nor can it be considered as a weakling in the competition. For years it has slowly built its reputation as a credible smartphone manufacturer, and it’s been turned into a fact now, as Xiaomi proudly sits as one of the biggest phone makers in the world.

Keeping that streak going, with even bigger releases and news, we finally have a confirmed date for when we’ll get to see the world’s first smartphone with the Snapdragon 875, being the Mi 11 from Xiaomi. The date is going to be the 28th of December, as the Mi 11 will be revealed as the world’s first phone with a Snapdragon 875 chipset, which will be much faster than any current phone SoC we have in the market on the Android side of things.

mi 11

The phone will be launched in China, as it has a few more interesting aspects to it on top of the new Snapdragon chip. The phone is reportedly going to have a completely different back camera layout, as Xiaomi is trying to mix things up a little bit here. A QHD+ display will also be present with support for 120Hz refresh rate. The series will launch with a base variant, and a Pro version with more higher end specs for fanatics. All in all, the phone is going to be an exciting one for sure.

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