Xiaomi Mi 11 Is A Great Deal If You Want To Get It

Jun 11, 2021 Reviews

Xiaomi Mi 11 Is A Great Deal If You Want To Get It

Xiaomi Mi 11 was introduced in 2020 few days around the New Year’s Eve. While being a much awaited release by xiaomi, we will tell you insights of this flagship phone and the advancement it provided to the users. We can easily say that Mi 11 brought several meaningful updates as compared to the previously released Mi 10. The battery, stereo and build has seen some of the major improvements in the latest Xiaomi Mi 11. 

The Design And Build Of This Flagship Phone 


Getting right in to the inspection of the design. The front is curved made up of Gorilla Glass, however the back is made up of Aluminium Chassis combined with Gorilla Glass that holds everything together. Probably, a lot of users are tired of every other glass covered smartphones but Xiaomi Mi 11 also comes eco leather in two different colours, that’s a good option to spice up your experience of smartphone. Moreover, we have not yet experienced any Xiaomi phone to be waterproof and Mi 11 would not break this cycle but there’s a chance of protection from rain but there’s no chance of any underwater selfies. The xiaomi Mi 11 gives the best smartphone screen experience that you would want with its 6.81 inch AMOLED display. 

Battery Life, Slight Improvements Found