Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite is Coming to Pakistan Soon; POCO X3 Refreshed With a 5G Chipset

Jan 01, 2021 News

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite is Coming to Pakistan Soon; POCO X3 Refreshed With a 5G Chipset

Xiaomi seems to be making great strides in the Pakistani market, as they’ve understood that Pakistani users are extremely important for them if they want to increase their global sales. This is why they keep releasing new phones in Pakistan right after they’re released globally and elsewhere - showing Pakistan’s priority for Xiaomi is pretty high as well. We recently got to see the Mi 10T series show up in Pakistan a couple of weeks ago, as the phone is one of the best flagship deals you can find around for the price, with a complete package in a phone for just over a lakh rupees.

However, now the Chinese company is also bringing the Mi 10T Lite to the game in Pakistan, an exciting entrant to the market for users, as it just brings more value and performance in the mid range market - one that’s targeted heavily by phone makers due to the saturation in the market buyers in countries like Pakistan. The Mi 10 Lite is very similar to the Poco X3 which wasn’t released too far back in Pakistan - as it has a similar design, and similar specs for the most part. The biggest difference you could find would be the change in chipsets, as the Mi 10T Lite comes with a Snapdragon 750G which comes with 5G support, unlike the X3 which comes with Snapdragon 732G, The latter has shown faster performance results in CPU and GPU benchmarks, but 750G is the more powerful chip all around.

mi 10t lite

The phone has a 120Hz display, 33W fast charging support and the same camera setup from the X3. One cutback seen here from the X3 though is in the battery department, as you come down from 6,000mAh to 4,850mAh - which is still a great number and will last you a day without any worries. It’s great to see Xiaomi give the Pakistani market this much importance, and we hope this continues in the future as well.

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