Xiaomi Mi 10: No Android 11 In Europe. Why?

Mar 12, 2021 News

Xiaomi Mi 10: No Android 11 In Europe. Why?

It was late 2020 / early 2021 when we informed you of the arrival of the update to Android 11 on Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Usually, with major updates of this kind, a so-called Stable Beta is first released, which is a ROM intended mainly for beta testers. After a few weeks of testing, if no relevant bugs are reported, the same ROM is released to all owners of that smartphone. The same fate befell Xiaomi Mi 10, but still, there is no news on the arrival of Android 11 permanently: what is the situation?

The update to Android 11 is slow to arrive for Xiaomi Mi 10 in Europe.

It is quite a bizarre matter if we consider that Xiaomi Mi 10 is the top of the last generation's range of reference and is therefore at the forefront to receive Android 11. But if you follow us, you will have noticed that it is absolutely not the first time an update like this is aborted. And not only by Xiaomi: the interruption of the roll-out of Android 11 for OnePlus Nord proves it just a few hours. But obviously wrong common is not half joy, and rightly so many owners of Mi 10 in Europe have shown their discontent.

In recent months, three updates with Android 11 in Europe have been released for the 2020 flagship, namely V12.2.1.0, V12.2.4.0, and V12.2.7.0. The first two have been discontinued, while the last is still the ROM that runs on some Mi 10 in the hands of beta testers. All the other everyday users, on the other hand, are still stuck at based on Android 10 and are wondering when the long-awaited major update will arrive.

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The Xiaomi Community feedback team intervened, stating that yes, the ROM with Android 11 is only available for a limited range of users. The reason the ROM hasn't been released yet is always the same: software bugs. The users can do is wait; for these bugs to be fixed or, if they are so impatient, install the firmware manually. But at this point, we advise against doing so, given the state of things.

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