Xiaomi Lodges A Patent Which Stores Wireless Earbuds Inside Your Phone

Jul 28, 2020 News

Xiaomi Lodges A Patent Which Stores Wireless Earbuds Inside Your Phone

Xiaomi is a company that never fears to make a giant leap forward in terms of daring designs and steps, and is always looking for ways to innovate their products. Now, a patent filed by the Chinese manufacturer has been discovered which follows suit in that direction, as Xiaomi is looking into the possibility of making wireless earphones that would fit inside a smartphone, instead of needing a separate pod for it.

There are a lot of things that the company will need to consider before going forward with this decision, as there are going to be several physical hurdles to cross before finalizing the design. For starters, the issue with the cleansing of the earphones is gonna arise initially, as it will be unhygienic and potentially dangerous to put earphones in your ears which have lied inside your dusty pockets, and elsewhere as the top will need to be revealed for the design to work. Moreover, the insertion of the earphones inside the smartphone will increase the overall width of the phone, which the majority of people won’t like. Xiaomi will also need to consider the fact that they might need to add more battery power since the earphones will charge inside the device, but the space they’ll take will mean that the manufacturer will need to cut off other stuff to make some room - so it’s going to be a constant dilemma.

We don’t know how far into the technology Xiaomi has actually come, but it still seems like it won’t be practical in the current stages of mobile structures. However, the patent itself is exciting and hints at promising things to come in the world of smartphones in the future.

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