Xiaomi Joins Google And Apple For Back-Tap Gesture Testing

Jul 29, 2020 News

Xiaomi Joins Google And Apple For Back-Tap Gesture Testing

Back Tap gestures were firstly talked about earlier this year as it was found that Google is testing the feature for their Android 11 Beta, and might add it to some phones. Following in the same footsteps, we saw Apple also try to work on the technology as they wanted to test it out in the iOS 14 Beta as well. It’s a promising aspect to phone usage that could replace some of the functionality that rear-mounted fingerprint scanners provided us, like pulling down the notification shade with it.

Now another major phone manufacturer may be in on the Back Tap situation is Xiaomi - and it’s no surprise that they want to implement it in their phones as well, since the Chinese phone giant is always looking for ways to innovate its products. It was found out by an XDA developer inside the MIUI 12 Beta version, that there were 5 different options given in a “Back Tap” feature - something that wasn’t made visible for common users on the beta program. These options don’t work as of now, but we can expect them to when we get our hands on the stable version of MIUI 12.

Once we get closer to the actual release of MIUI 12, we will find out more about the Back Tap feature, and probably get more than just 5 commands to go with it. One thing’s for certain, and that’s that Xiaomi is continuously improving its software, and MIUI 12 might just be the missing part in Xiaomi devices that could make it the best manufacturer around.

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