Xiaomi And Meizu Dropped The Included Chargers

Mar 04, 2021 News

Xiaomi And Meizu Dropped The Included Chargers

Meizu Technology officially released in China. The Meizu 18 series 5G dual flagships, Meizu 18 and Meizu 18 Pro, starts at 4399 yuan and 4999 yuan. The Meizu 18 Pro claims to have the most expensive screen, the highest performance, the most potent image, and the most ruthless pile of materials in history. Of course, in addition to excellent performance, Meizu's environmental protection plan has attracted heated discussion among netizens.

Meizu once said when warming up the Meizu 18 series, the Meizu 18 series will cancel the included charger. At today's press conference, Meizu officially announced the latest environmental protection plan.

Meizu 18 series confirmed that it will cancel the included charger, but this series supports QC, USB-PD universal fast charging protocol, and is compatible with mainstream chargers. At the same time, later models will also be compatible with multiple protocols.

Besides, Meizu also launched the 'Power Supply Green Renewal Program': to recycle two chargers of unlimited brands (the bad ones are okay), and after confirmation, Meizu will give users a Meizu original charger. In this regard, netizens expressed two different voices. Some netizens said that the courier fee for mailing was enough to buy a new one, while other netizens expressed their approval.


It is reported that Xiaomi, the first domestic company to announce the cancellation of the random charger, has given the right to environmental protection to users after the release of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 standard version and the bundled version are launched, and the prices of the two versions are the same. The only difference is that the Mi 11 standard version does not include a charger and data cable, while the package version comes with a 55W gallium nitride charger. Compared with Apple's 'one size fits all' environmental protection program, Xiaomi is obviously more humane.

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