Xiaomi Acquires The Third Position As The Biggest Smartphone Brand In The World

Nov 06, 2020 News

Xiaomi Acquires The Third Position As The Biggest Smartphone Brand In The World

Xiaomi when it first entered the market a few years ago was considered just another weakling Chinese phone company - with below par devices and just overall not enough pizzazz to challenge the likes of Samsung or Apple whatsoever. However, over the years, it’s more than just proven its position in the smartphone market, and has released banger phones over the years, some that would go unparalleled in their respective price ranges.

A Q3 2020 report by IDC, International Data Corporation, showed all the data related to how many shipments were made in the smartphone market, and which company owned how much share of all those shipments.


The data showed that Samsung had the highest market share in the world of smartphones, at around 22% - a great percentage. Huawei, even after all of its problems and adversities, was still second, but declining fast. A surprise change, though, was seen at the 3rd position, and yes Xiaomi is now the third biggest smartphone maker in the world, as it recently surpassed the giant Apple in smartphone sales, accounting for about 14% of all smartphone sales made around the world - an impressive feat to say the least.

One would wonder how Xiaomi is a bigger phone manufacturer than Apple, considering the latter is more popular worldwide by a margin. Well, it’s to be considered that Xiaomi has a heavy focus on the mid range and budget market, and pays a lot of attention to that range in the smartphone market. The mid range market has grown rapidly over the years, especially in the South Asian markets which have tons of buyers in the mid range department. Apple on the other hand keeps it premium, and only offers a few phones in a year, mostly in one series - hence the lower amount of sales overall.

But even after all of the marketing logic applied, it’s pretty clear that what Xiaomi has achieved is a tremendous achievement, and kudos to the Chinese phone maker for that!

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