Xbox Game Pass Users Can Now Try Out Microsoft's xCloud Gaming Service

Aug 11, 2020 Games

Xbox Game Pass Users Can Now Try Out Microsoft's xCloud Gaming Service

Cloud gaming is really the future of gaming for most people, as it brings heavy-duty games to users who can’t purchase 1000 dollar PCs or buy the latest consoles. It’s for users who have low-end laptops, and mid range devices - so they too can have a piece of the top games in the industry at the highest graphics. One of the most popular cloud gaming services right now is Microsoft’s xCloud, as the tech giant takes all of the processing responsibilities upon itself, with the user only having to stream that content and play over on their device.

The service was and still is scheduled for the 15th of September, but Microsoft is actually allowing users with the Xbox Game Pass Beta app, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to test the xCloud app on their Android devices as of today (11th August) for free. Microsoft says that this will help make the transitioning period easier for them, and along with that users will also appreciate being given an early access opportunity.

The xCloud service won’t have the complete list of 100 or so games right now, but there are about 30 playable titles that users can enjoy as of now Keep in mind that for cloud gaming, for now, you need to have a good internet connection to stream the games to your device. Keep your eyes out for the full version that’s going to come on the 15th of September as well!

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