WoW Shadowlands Element Of Choice Results In A Mixed Bag Of Feelings

Jul 15, 2020 Games

WoW Shadowlands Element Of Choice Results In A Mixed Bag Of Feelings

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest gaming titles in the world of all time, as it has been around for years and years and has amassed a massive user base over time. WoW, with a few other games, revolutionized and popularized the MMORPG game genre, as people got instantly hooked on to the idea of being able to develop characters and roam freely in a vast world inside the game. Blizzard is the developer for the game, and it has proved itself from time to time, as it even published CoD Warzone, which is arguably the most popular game currently in the world.

When you have such a huge audience on your platform, with gamers actively playing your game on a daily basis, it’s inevitable that you’d have to cater to those users by providing regular updates and fresh new content for those players to enjoy, so the game doesn’t get stale. One such example is GTA V, which even after about 7 years to its release, is still played by thousands of people daily thanks to Rockstar rolling out new content regularly. WoW follows a similar pattern, except its updates often change the whole dynamic of the game, as it introduces new tactics and meta inside the game, which leads to players having to adapt to the changes. Now the latest expansion inside the game is Shadowlands, which gives people the freedom of choice. You can choose a Covenant inside the game, and then the choices you make further down the road will open new doors and unlock new events for you as you progress further. However, this change has also led to a dispute inside the gaming community, because users are worried about regretting their choices later down the road.

It is a double-edged sword for some players inside the game with the introduction of Shadowlands, but there’s no doubt that the new expansion will freshen up the gameplay experience and the element of choice will turn out to be interesting as things move on.

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