World's First Rollable Phone To Be Released By LG In March 2021

Nov 01, 2020 News

World's First Rollable Phone To Be Released By LG In March 2021

LG usually didn’t get much attention over the years of manufacturing phones, as the spotlight was mostly taken up by the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Apple and OnePlus. However, this year LG did get some eyes on it - mostly thanks to its LG Wing phone, a T-shaped device which looks like a cool design at the moment, with lots of potential to be extremely useful in plenty of situations depending on how app developers choose to utilize the technology at hand.

The Wing by LG was actually a part of its Explorer Project - something that LG made up to let everyone know that it’s going to feature crazy out of the box phones for users, instead of being the regular everyday type devices which would come under its other, more toned down project space.

Continuing talk for the Explorer Project, we might be getting another phone under its entity by March of 2021. The new phone might be the first rollable smartphone device we ever get to see, and apparently LG will be the first manufacturer to achieve that feat. We did get to see the patents and renders of how the rollable phone might end up looking like, and now according to reports, it might come to life by March 2021.

Unlike the LG Wing which does not have all the top dog specs, the rollable phone, being codenamed as “rainbow” will be running the latest Snapdragon 875 that will release this December.

LG Wing runs on Snapdragon 765G as of now, which isn’t the most powerful chip in the market, but is still an extremely capable SoC, and it supports 5G as well. All in all, we can’t wait for LG to release the world’s first rollable phone.

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