World of Warcraft: Why Do Players Say That Wlk Is The Most Successful Version?

Feb 17, 2021 Games

World of Warcraft: Why Do Players Say That Wlk Is The Most Successful Version?

The World of Warcraft nostalgic server is at the end of the vanilla era. Players still want to fight hard in the NAXX copy. The latest news is that the legacy version of TBC will release in May, and according to Blizzard's design, the classic three will be available in the future. The WLK version of the part.

It is also the most classic version recognized by senior players, and from the official online statistics, WLK is also the version with the most significant number of players. So what is the magic of this version? We will evaluate it as below.

1 From the plot.

wow 1

The last guarding BOSS is Prince Arthas, and with the popularity of Warcraft and World of Warcraft games, there is a process in which a righteous prince degenerates into the Lich King and his overall image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And when the player attacks the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel, a CG prince and father's soul farewell perfectly fits with the beginning CG. We can say that the story of Warcraft has made a perfect end and let The level of World of Warcraft rose to a peak.

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In addition to the copy of the Lich King, Icecrown Citadel, there are also very distinctive copies of Ulduar and the Trial of the Crusader, etc. Even though there are so many copies of the entire World of Warcraft, these copies are still memorable. Still new. It is precisely because of the plot's brilliance that light has attracted countless players' attention from this point.

2 In terms of occupational balance.

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First of all, the dual talents were opened, which allowed all players to save a lot of the cost of washing their skills back and forth. It also made it possible for players to think about both PVE and PVP without spending more money. Moreover, the talent design is reasonable. The skills have their characteristics so that each profession's talent can be played on various occasions, even if it is a mixed profession such as discipline riding balance morality. So on, it seems to be an unpopular choice now.

wow 4

If the players are good at it, they can also rank in the top three on the leaderboard. Moreover, the most critical vocational skills do not have the same feeling. Unlike the current version, every profession is a skill-stacking star. The essence is that each skill has changed without the profession's uniqueness.

3 Judging from the difficulty of obtaining equipment.

wow 6

If the current nostalgic service is not always playing dungeons, then casual players acquiring the highest-end equipment is nothing short of fantastic. In WLK, the equipment can be exchange with brands. Although the level may not be as good as the highest-end players, the suits' special effects are no different. Casual players will not lag behind high-end players too much in terms of experience so that casual players can find the game fun.

4 From the perspective of perfection of PVP.

wow 7

For casual players, you can play the Wintergrasp Wilderness Battlefield once every few hours. To prevent the weaker side from being too distant and unbalanced, the official intimately added battlefield BUFF to the more vulnerable side to achieve dynamic balance. For professional PVP players who like the arena, the professions are more balanced, and the collocation is more reasonable. There is no winner-takes-all monopoly, and all professions can play.

5 From the copy design.

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Unlike the current 40-player design, the dungeon has 10 and 25 different number versions, plus there are two modes of normal and H-book, so that casual players and professional dungeon players can have their own needs. A small group of casual players can only play a 10-person to experience the copy. In contrast, heavy players can play separate copies every day and don't have to repeat them.

6 Achievement system open.

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Before WLK, all the things are based on the players' willingness, how to play how they want to play. When it comes to WLK, there are various achievements in doing tasks, exploring maps, practicing skills, and playing dungeons, which may jump out abruptly, making players feel very fulfilled. And there is a unique prize of achievement dragon in Icecrown Citadel, which can satisfy players' achievement and collection desire.