Whatsapp To Bring New Features Very Soon

Aug 31, 2020 App News

Whatsapp To Bring New Features Very Soon

Whatsapp has been pretty busy during the pandemic period - as the developers have been continuously trying to bring more features to the app to tend to the users. We saw the dark mode come not just to the app, but also to the Web version of Whatsapp. We also heard about the Facebook owned app looking to bring out disappearing chats and always mute features to the platform as well. Moreover, we also heard about them using Facebook Pay to bring in-app purchases and money transfers for users.

Now, we have some of the new features that the giant social media app is bringing for users very soon to the market.

More Organized Storage Management

Previously the media section of Whatsapp used to be a mess, as everything was jumbled up, and you could only scroll down through dates to see your photos and videos. If you wanted to clear all the data, but keep a few important media files - you previously couldn’t. However, now things are getting a lot cleaner on the app, as you’ll be able to sort your files a lot better, along with the possibility to delete large files that are just sitting there. You’ll get an overview of how much storage has been taken, and how much remains, as well as the space separate chats are taking. This new feature will definitely help Whatsapp users to sort and organize their media much more easily.

Faster Access To The Camera

The secondary camera shortcut was recently removed by Whatsapp - as it was replaced by a shortcut to Messenger Rooms - Facebook’s new video calling feature which can hold parties of upto 50 people in one call. This used to be present in the attachment icon that sits next to your chat bar - so if you accidently clicked that instead of the camera button, you could switch over to your phone’s camera from the attachment icon’s menu.

Now, the app is bringing this option back once more, along with Rooms being there too. This might increase the size of the menu, but at least you can make use of the secondary camera when you need it.

Color Coded Chats

Whatsapp is also allowing users to color and shade their chat backgrounds separately from the menu instead of having the same for each one. This will allow you to distinguish between chats, and hence not send the wrong chat to the wrong person at the wrong time. Good move Whatsapp!

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