Whatsapp To Bring Disappearing Chats And Always Mute Features

Jul 30, 2020 App News

Whatsapp To Bring Disappearing Chats And Always Mute Features

Whatsapp is one to always be on the lookout for innovating their app, bringing in new features on the platform for their users. However, the social media giant fails to bring on board some of the popular features that are considered important and are seen on other social media apps that rival Whatsapp. We’re talking about two such features that Whatsapp has been deprived of for so long, which are muting chats forever, and disappearing chats. However, it won’t be long till we see these options inside of the app, as the beta reportedly has these features inside.

Previously, users were only able to mute chats on Whatsapp for a whole year at maximum, and it would get unmuted after that - whereas other apps such as Messenger, Instagram and so allowed their user base to indefinitely mute someone regardless of the time. Moreover, Whatsapp is also going to add a disappearing chat feature, much like its biggest “non-Facebook” rival, Snapchat. This feature will allow users to add disappearing chats with a time limit of a week, as after that, their messages will disappear. It’s unknown whether the user will have more control over this time period, but we think Whatsapp will allow more choice in this regard.

Yes the update of these features is coming late to Whatsapp compared to its peers, but even if such features come late in an app the size of Whatsapp, it’s considered a positive step. We’re going to see these features get improved over upcoming beta builds, before finally seeing it in a stable update that Whatsapp will bring in the near future.

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