Whatsapp Testing New Storage And Search Features

Jun 12, 2020 App News

Whatsapp Testing New Storage And Search Features

Whatsapp is one of the largest social media apps, and is used by millions of users daily, with over a billion users on the platform each month. That’s a massive amount of users on the app, and that’s why it needs constant updates and improvements to keep the user base satisfied and content with the app performance. The app owned by Facebook is trying to look for new ways to enhance the user experience within the application, and it’s testing out new features in the search for that. 

According to leaks and rumours by Wabetainfo, a website that keeps a track of all updates and leaks about Whatsapp, we’ve gotten to know that the app will consist of a feature that will let you search for messages according to the date they were sent. When you go into the search for messages option, you’ll see a little calendar icon next to your keyboard. Upon pressing that icon, you’ll be able to choose a date and all messages sent on that date will be searched for by Whatsapp. This can be a nifty feature and one that will definitely come in handy in several situations. 

Another feature that we’ve gotten to know of is different storage options and ways of searching for media files sent on Whatsapp amongst users. The media storage will be sorted by Forwarded Messages and Large Files, for the default two filters. We do not know if Whatsapp adds more filters for users to search their storage by, but these are two options that will definitely be coming to the app. You’ll also be able to sort your searches by size, date or name, which again is going to be useful. 

All these features are yet to be officially announced, and are still in development by Whatsapp. Once they are stable enough in the testing phase, they’ll be released by Whatsapp in a future update. 

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