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Whatsapp Is Releasing A New Update For Android Users

Mar 12, 2021 App News

Whatsapp Is Releasing A New Update For Android Users

For the last few days, WhatsApp has been releasing news due to the threat of blocking users who do not accept the new terms. Yesterday WhatsApp released a new update (version for its Android users. Beta testers are reportedly not required to download this update. From the update log of this update, 'Web releases include all bug fixes implemented in previous beta versions submitted to the Play Store'. The description adds: 'If you are a beta tester, you should not upgrade to version, as this is a build reserved for everyone.'


Non-beta testers are interested to know what the new update brings. If this is for you, visit the android page for more information. Because this update is for everyone, it may not have all the new beta versions' features. According to the company, this update will not be available on the PlayStore. If you need this update, you can download it from WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp desktop application now supports video and audio calls

Back in December, there were reports of a WhatsApp desktop program that supports video and audio calls. At that time, we had the only speculation, and there was nothing official. However, as WhatsApp has just officially confirmed the arrival of this feature, there are no more assumptions. According to the company, it will provide end-to-end encrypted video and audio calls to its desktop application.


This update is already available for PC and Mac. Today, the update is already being distributed. According to the updated description, this feature will currently support one-on-one calls. However, it will later support group calls. According to WhatsApp, this feature is essential, especially in pandemic times. WhatsApp people still stay in their homes, so this feature gives users more communication opportunities.

WhatsApp said in a blog post

"Because so many people are still unloved and adapting to new ways of working, we want WhatsApp conversations to be as close to personal communication as possible, no matter where you are in the world or the technology you use".


Audio and video calls are completely encrypted, so WhatsApp will not hear or see them. The update will allow users to change the screen orientation between portrait and landscape and turn the video on and off and microphone. This is similar to what is available on mobile devices.


You just have to update the desktop application to the latest version, and video/audio call icons will appear in the upper right corner of the user interface.

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