WhatsApp Web Finally Gets Dark Mode

Jul 10, 2020 News

WhatsApp Web Finally Gets Dark Mode

Whatsapp doesn’t seem to be slowing down with its updates, as it’s rolling out new features regularly for users. We recently saw the new animated stickers that came to the website, and now we’re going to witness dark mode on the web version for Whatsapp. Dark mode is a loved feature amongst tech enthusiasts and consumers, as companies have taken notice of that and have started rolling out dark mode wherever they can. Instagram has its own dark mode, Facebook’s desktop version has its own dark mode as well, and so does Whatsapp’s mobile application. It was about time that Whatsapp added the dark theme to its web mode as well.

The dark mode for web Whatsapp was announced with other features as well, including animated stickers, on July 1st, as it finally brought the change that has been on mobile for some time now. According to the pictures shared by the company, we see similar shades on the desktop version as we’ve grown accustomed to on the mobile version - tints of green here and there with an overall black background.

Dark mode is rolling out to various users right now, and will eventually be out for everyone soon. Some users have it, some don’t - so you just have to be patient for it to arrive for your computer as well.

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