Whatsapp Adds The Ability For Voice And Video Calls On The Desktop!

Mar 08, 2021 App News

Whatsapp Adds The Ability For Voice And Video Calls On The Desktop!

At the moment, a 'war' is raging between the communication platforms, as everyone wants to get a share of the pie. Many of them are trying to upgrade their services to become more attractive to users. This is the example of WhatsApp, which tries to gain as many users as possible by offering the ability for voice and video calls through the desktop/web version of the application.

Now, the service is available, so WhatsApp users can chat with their contacts using a much larger screen. WhatsApp executives found the move necessary, as they found that several users were using the popular app to have long conversations. That is why they added this feature, which brings the users of the application closer, at a time when communication between partners and those close to us is very important. The voice and video calls of the desktop version of WhatsApp work extremely well in portrait and landscape orientation. At this stage, only the possibility for one-on-one and end-to-end encrypted calls is supported. However, WhatsApp promises that they intend to include group voice and video calls soon, making WhatsApp a more competitive platform against the teleconferencing apps dominating lately.

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