What Is 5G And How Can You Use It?

Jun 20, 2020 News

What Is 5G And How Can You Use It?

As technology continues to advance with new innovations coming in day in day out, we’ve seen the massive smartphone market that has grown into what it has in recent years. Since the future is wireless and mobile, we’re continuously trying to make the smartphone experience better everyday. This is also the case with the new 5G technology that’s being so hyped up these days. Almost every major smartphone manufacturer is jumping onto the scene of 5G technology, and making sure their phone is going to support it as well.

5G is just an upgrade to 4G mobile data usage, which will allow users to receive up to 5 times the speeds that 4G data could reach and that means internet usage is going to be blistering fast for everyone on a 5G network. However, to make use of this technology, we must first create 5G towers everywhere to make sure everyone can have a reception for it. The problem with 5G is that even though it supports insanely fast speeds, it covers a lot less area as compared to 4G cell towers. This means that a lot more towers will have to be made so everyone has 5G availability in their area. We expect to see these towers increase exponentially in the following year or so.

Once you’re in a region of 5G network coverage, all you need is a 5G sim card, and a 5G enabled phone, which there are lots and lots of. Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus all offer 5G support, and Samsung has even introduced a 5G version of their mid-range phone A51, which has gotten a lot of praise since its release.

We feel like 5G is just that feature which will slowly trickle down its way to every phone out there, till it’s also supported by budget devices as well. We hope for that to happen, and for everyone one of us to be able to experience 5G capabilities in our daily internet usage.

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