Warzone Coming To CoD Mobile?!

Jul 25, 2020 Games

Warzone Coming To CoD Mobile?!

CoD Mobile has transformed really well into a proper competitive gaming title in just a few months time. From a game that was just made for fun and entertainment, now has expanded so much that it holds tournaments worth millions of dollars worldwide. However, even after the multiple updates and regular content, it still won’t be able to match the complexities and intensity of the current CoD: Modern Warfare, and Warzone titles on consoles and PC - or is that a thing of the past?

Multiplayer Updates

CoD Mobile has become a top mobile game for sure, but it seems like it’s about to be taken to the next level with the upcoming Season 9 updates next month. It will completely revamp the game, and bring it much closer to its console version. For starters, we’re going to get a new battle pass theme and all - that’s confirmed and there’s nothing too extraordinary about that. However, the developers have decided that they’re going to include the Gunsmith feature from the console variant onto the mobile version also. Currently you can only add up to three total attachments on a gun (excluding the sights), and that too from an extremely limited list. With the Gunsmith feature, users will be able to customize their guns much more openly, with a wide variety of attachments to choose from. You could choose different types of grips, sights and laser sights - all of which we had only one choice of till now. You won’t even have to upgrade each gun skin separately, as you’d need to upgrade the base gun once, and you’ll be able to put on any skin on it easily from the blueprints option.

Battle Royale Updates

Warzone is coming to CoD Mobile - literally. The developers of CoD Mobile have decided to follow in the footsteps of Warzone, and make the game a lot of like it, as it’s certainly going to please a lot of mobile gamers. We’re going to see armor plates being featured inside the game; pre-built loadouts will also be a part of the BR game mode, along with small details like the names of all the maps being visible from the top when you’re falling into it. We’re unclear whether or not the Gulag will make a part of the BR mode, but we sure hope it does!

CoD Mobile is advancing forward like no other mobile game in the market, and the fact that it has gotten so close to the console version of the game might just lure some PC gamers over to the mobile side to try the game out.

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