Whatsapp To Bring Face Unlock To The App

Oct 22, 2020 App News

Whatsapp To Bring Face Unlock To The App

Whatsapp developers have stepped their game up by a notch in 2020 - as everyone else has been facing hardships, Whatsapp has been sure to provide its users with all of the latest updates and features. The app is being updated with new things to tinker with every now and then, and the developers have done a great job in keeping things fresh for the consumers of the app. We saw many updates come to Whatsapp in 2020 - and now we’re about to see some more, as it’s being reported by the much reliable WABetaInfo that Whatsapp is going to bring some major upgrades to the app to level with its competitors.

Firstly, an important and much awaited feature is being brought to the app, which essentially will allow users to finally be able to join ongoing group calls if they miss a call from it. Currently, if someone calls you to a group call, and you miss it, or drop out of the call - there’s no way for you to join the call once again unless someone in the call decides to add you back. This can be a huge nuisance at times, and is unlike the mechanism other video calling apps have, which allow users to easily join and leave group calls at their own will. Whatsapp will be bringing this feature, which will prompt the user to either join, or ignore the group call every time they open their app.

Moreover, it’s being rumoured that Whatsapp is going to bring Face Unlock in the app as a means of unlocking Whatsapp. Previously, this could be done by a fingerprint reader, but now the whole system is being called Biometric Lock, and it will also include face unlocking as an option. This will come as good news to Pixel 4 users, as they rely heavily on face unlocking.

Currently, there’s no set time as to when the update might be brought to the Play Store, but we can expect it to arrive in the not so distant future.

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