Vivo Y70 5G To Use Samsung's Exynos Chipset

Jul 07, 2020 News

Vivo Y70 5G To Use Samsung's Exynos Chipset

Vivo is another one of those Chinese companies that’s looking to take a place in the smartphone market and cement its name amongst users. Just like the trend we see growing exponentially from manufacturers as they attempt to penetrate the mid range market continuously, Vivo is also coming out with another mid range device with 5G functionality at around the 45000 to 50000 Pakistani Rupees price segment. Vivo is going to release their new phone, being called the Y70, somewhere in July, and it looks like an impressive phone overall.

Vivo isn’t going to roll out a phone based on the usual hardware we see in smartphones these days. Instead, it’s going to take help from the once biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a manufacturer take help from Samsung in a particular piece of hardware, with even Apple going to the Korean giant for the screens on their flagship devices. However, Vivo isn’t going to make use of Samsung’s displays; it’s rather opting for their Exynos chipsets, which is quite an unusual decision taken by the company, and perhaps the first mainstream phone company going for Samsung’s chip in their phones. The new Y70 will also come with 5G connectivity, so you can make use of all the 5G advantages with the phone. Moreover, you’ll also get 4500 mAh worth of battery in the phone, and the primary camera lens is also going to be from Samsung.

Overall, there will be two variants of the device, with one being a 6GB version, and the other being an upgraded 8GB one. We don’t know when the phones will released globally, but they are likely to drop in China somewhere in July itself.

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