Vivo Y30 Review: Better Options For The Price

Jun 19, 2020 Reviews

Vivo Y30 Review: Better Options For The Price

Vivo has slowly been gaining attention from smartphone users around the world, and even more so in the Pakistani market. This is because the company has been aiming to provide quality features such as in-display fingerprint scanners in never-before seen low prices in phones like the S1 Pro - and such devices have gotten them the popularity that they have nowadays. Vivo operates under the same parent company that owns OnePlus, Oppo and Realme, and thus you can notice the quality of materials used in their phones. Now, Vivo is coming with another phone for Pakistanis to grab for themselves, with the V30. Continue on in our article to know whether or not you should buy this phone.

What We Liked

The design aspect of the phone is the first thing that will catch your eyes when you get a hold of the device, and it’s a job well done by Vivo to make such an appealing design from their end on a lower mid-range/budget device. You can instantly notice a punch-hole setup in the front, which adds to the 2020 vibe in a smartphone, and the glossy vibrant back will also help you catch the attention of quite a few when you take the phone out in public. The Samsung S20-ish camera module on the back is also a good move by Vivo in trying to align their looks according to latest trends. All in all, it’s a decent design at the price point and surely looks more costly than a 28,000 device.

We also appreciate the fact that Vivo decided to add Android 10 on the Y30, which most phone manufacturers haven’t been able to add to a lot of top tier devices. Android 10 featured a total design overhaul over Android 9, and provided plenty more features as well. For sub-30k Pakistani Rupees, we don’t think you’ll be able to find Android 10 in more than a handful smartphones. Kudos to Vivo on taking this step.

What We Didn’t Like

Performance is one aspect of this device that just falls short of its competition at this price. The Vivo Y30 houses a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, instead of a more stable Snapdragon option. However, even the chip from MediaTek is extremely disappointing, and won’t be up to par at all, as you can find devices in a similar price range with much better performance. With an Antutu score of about 105,000, you’ll barely be able to play games like PUBG on even smooth graphics, as even reaching 30 FPS will be a thing of luck. However, you won’t be bothered in normal day to day usage, which includes social media usage, watching videos and things of that sort.

The camera department seems to be another disappointing department in this phone, at least on paper. The phone has a quad camera setup, with a 13MP main shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide, a 2MP macro and another 2MP depth sensor. The main lens seems like an underwhelming option, as most devices, even in this price category, have at least a 48MP main camera. Yes, the megapixel count doesn’t tell the story, but if you aren’t Apple or Google, it’s more than likely that a 13MP won’t suffice for a decent camera performance.

The battery is pretty decent on this phone, with a 5000 mAh battery cell inside the phone. This, paired with the low resolution screen, will mean that you’ll easily get 1-2 days out of the Y30, even with heavy usage. However, the charging speeds are poor in terms of 2020 standards, as the phone will only support 10W charging in a time where the minimum is considered to be 18W.


All in all, the Y30 could be a phone for a selective few, or loyal Vivo fans - but as an overall device at the price range it comes in, you can find much better options from Xiaomi, Huawei and even Realme. Skip this one!

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