Vivo Y1s budgeted phone to launch with these features

Dec 03, 2020 News

Vivo Y1s budgeted phone to launch with these features

Vivo is not an underdog anymore in the smartphone world, as it’s proven itself to be one of the biggest phone makers in the world, with the 5th biggest market share in the smartphone business, being right behind Apple. This is because Vivo releases a wide variety of phones, especially for the mid range and budget segment, and we’re here to talk about a new addition to the budget region of phones from Vivo, and that’s the Vivo Y1s which has launched in Pakistan and it seems like a great smartphone for those people who want a decent cell without spending too much money on it.

You get plenty of features and specs here for the price, and the phone will definitely not disappoint you. For the screen, you get an 88% screen to body ratio in the front, which will ensure a great viewing experience if you’re into media consumption on your pocket device. The screen panel will be a 720p one, but that’s okay as most people would be fine in watching content upto 720p resolution max.

You also get 2 gigs of RAM and a Helio P35 from MediaTek inside as the phone’s main SoC - needless to say, it will get the job done if you want the phone for light daily usage, including social media and not for heavy gaming.

All in all, the Y1s is a great budget device, and if you aren’t that into smartphones, but still want a solid piece in your hands, then this device from Vivo is the best option for you!

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