Vivo X50's Camera Has Gimbal Like Stability

Jul 18, 2020 News

Vivo X50's Camera Has Gimbal Like Stability

Vivo is a company that’s known to break boundaries and come forward with innovative concept phones. It came forward with one of the first functioning in-display fingerprint scanners in a mobile device and it gained a lot of traction with that move as well. Now, it’s trying to take smartphone cameras to the next level, as it’s released Vivo X50 and X50 Pro, which are providing OIS and EIS inside the cameras that will provide Gimbal like stability when using the camera, which will definitely make it a top smartphone camera in the market, despite its price point being much lower than a flagship.

Apart from the Sony IMX shooter that supports Gimbal like stability, the phone also has impressive specs all around. You get a 6.56” FHD+ display with an inevitable 90Hz refresh rate. The X50 has a flat display, whereas the X50 Pro will have a curved one - it’s important to acknowledge that a lot of people prefer flat displays nowadays instead of curved ones. Both variants will also have 8GB of RAM, and Snapdragon 765G, so the performance side of things will be taken care of. The battery on the base version is going to be 4200 mAh, which does sound less by 2020 standards, but it won’t be much of an issue considering the 33W fast charging support on board.

All around, the X50 lineup of phones from Vivo looks promising, and if they do deliver on the Gimbal like stability, it’s going to be considered one of the best phones in the price range, since it nails the other departments as well. The phones have been released in India, and the X50 is retailing for about 450 dollars, whereas the Pro variant is going for 665.

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