Vivo V19 Goes Live In Pakistan: Price Is 59,999 Rupees

Jul 20, 2020 News

Vivo V19 Goes Live In Pakistan: Price Is 59,999 Rupees

Vivo has slowly gained a respectable name in the global tech community, as it makes decent phones for the mid range market mainly, and that’s a huge reason it’s such a fan favourite in South Asian countries. Vivo recently unveiled its latest addition to the arsenal of phones it has, in the Vivo V19 - which seems like an all around decent phone for the price. V19 recently went live in Pakistan, and is retailing for 59,999 Pakistani Rupees.

V19 is a good package overall, and could be considered a decent all-around package if the phone was priced 15-20,000 Rupees less. For 60,000, you get a Snapdragon 712 inside, where other phones are providing 730G and even 765G in some cases. You also get a decent camera setup in the price range, as the phone will be able to take good photos if you’re skilled enough. The screen is impressive, as you get a Super AMOLED panel, with an advertised brightness of up to 1200 nits which is absolutely bizarre. The AMOLED panel also allows for an in-display fingerprint scanner as well. Charging is commendable as well, as the phone comes with a 4500 mAh battery cell which supports 33W fast charging.

All around, if you really love a good screen on a phone, then go for this device. Otherwise, you’ll find better options in the market even if you spend 20,000 Rupees less. If Vivo added a better chipset in the V19, the story would’ve been different - but for now, we’re not that impressed. Read our full review on the V19 to get a more thorough viewpoint on the phone.

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