Vivo Launches the Limited Edition Moonlight Sonata color for Flagship V20

Dec 03, 2020 News

Vivo Launches the Limited Edition Moonlight Sonata color for Flagship V20

Vivo has just announced a new limited edition called the Moonlight Sonata for the V20, as it's a new color variant for the device from Vivo in an attempt to revitalize some of the hype that was created at the time of its release. The new color looks premium and sleek, with a touch of elegance and overall just a great aesthetic look.

The V20 is one of the top phones offered by the Chinese manufacturer Vivo, as the phone has started to pick up some of the attention it was hoped to pick by Vivo, as the V20 is a solid smartphone for the price point, and one that could seriously be considered as one of the best in the segment. 

Starting off with the build, the V20 is the slimmest V series phone up to date by Vivo - as it looks sleek and streamlined from every corner and curve. The V20 sports a 6.44” Full HD AMOLED display, which will make sure that your viewing experiences are amazing on the device, as the panel is sharp, vibrant and has punchy colors. The phone comes in 2 different variants - both rocking the same 8 gigs of RAM, with the only difference coming in storage, as the cheaper version offers 128GB, and the more expensive one provides 256.

There are some impressive features inside the phone as well, as the V20 looks like a complete package in a smartphone. First off, probably the most impressive feat from Vivo is that the V20 is running on Android 11, the cheapest phone to have the latest AndroidOS system. Vivo has its own FunTouchOS on top of Android 11 - to make sure you get all the customization features you need in the smartphone.

vivo v20 moonlight sonata

Moreover, you also get a Snapdragon 720G inside the device - which is a considerably powerful chipset and will be great for all your gaming needs - as it can run even the best of games on 60fps on high graphic settings, including Call of Duty Mobile. Your social media tasks will feel like a breeze, as this phone won’t cause you any worries in the performance sector. Talking about performance, the battery situation of the device is pretty decent as well, with a 4,000mAh battery unit inside which is able to charge at 33W fast charging.

There’s a triple camera setup at the back, and a 44MP selfie camera with AI eye tracking software - so if you’re someone who loves taking self portraits, this is the go to phone for you especially at this price point.

All in all, the V20 is a great smartphone, and will look even better in the newly released Moonlight Sonata color variant. 

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