Vivo Announces to Launch its Latest Origin OS on November 18th

Nov 11, 2020 News

Vivo Announces to Launch its Latest Origin OS on November 18th

Vivo is one of the most popular phone brands in the world - as it’s the 5th best selling phone in the world, with around 8% market share currently noted. When a phone manufacturer is that successful, they’ve to be very careful about the way they approach consumers - and Vivo is certainly doing that by bringing an overhaul to their Operating System. FuntouchOS used to be the company’s very own custom Skin on top of AndroidOS - and their latest in the market was the FuntouchOS 10 which was released last year. The next iteration of their OS was supposed to be released this year, but was delayed due to the lockdown implementations globally. However, now the company has decided to change the name, and the way Vivo approaches their OS - as they will be calling their new OS OriginOS from now on.

We can’t even blame Vivo - as FuntouchOS sounds too child-like and not professional enough to compete with the other manufacturers in the game. OriginOS sounds much better and more serious, and gives Vivo a whole new meaning. The new skin is rumoured to be launched on the 18th of November - so buckle up tight if you have a Vivo phone in your home.

As of now, there have been no news or information announced on behalf of Vivo regarding any features or looks of the upcoming OriginOS - although it’s being rumoured that the new OS will provide a much simpler and easy-to-use UI than before, and will make it better to navigate through the OS.

Moreover, there are also rumours of Vivo providing a feature that would allow users to switch between OriginOS or the look of Stock Android if they prefer so. This means that OriginOS will not be a clean looking OS, and will include funky icons, aligning more with OneUI rather than Stock Android.

All in all, we’re excited for this new change in Vivo’s business model, and we can’t wait to test it out.

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