Vivo and ZEISS Enter Global Partnership for Mobile Imaging

Dec 24, 2020 News

Vivo and ZEISS Enter Global Partnership for Mobile Imaging

Mobile photography has come a long way, and there’s no doubt in admitting that. Whereas before a camera in a mobile phone was only considered to be a formality, and an additional feature to just fill up the spec sheet and allow for little creativity - now the concept has completely changed, as a large demographic of phone enthusiasts look for a phone solely based on its camera performance. The way a phone’s camera works is vital for the success of that phone in terms of sales, which is also one of the reasons why Apple has managed to stay on the top for so long.

Vivo has seemed to catch on that predicament, as they’re trying their utmost to make use of the world of technology in cameras, and use them in their smartphones to give them that edge they need to cross the likes of Apple and Xiaomi in terms of sales.

Vivo has partnered up with ZEISS, a professional imaging company which has decades on its resume as a solid and reliable innovator and manufacturer in the camera industry - as the Chinese phone maker Vivo is looking to use all of that experience and technology from ZEISS into their smartphones for the long run, with a long-term partnership between the two.

The partnership makes sense as well, as ZEISS has the required camera technology and the experience of over two decades in the industry. Vivo on the other hand is an emerging smartphone company, being the 5th biggest in 2020 in terms of market share. The cooperation is going to result in a positive outcome for both companies without a doubt.

“Through the partnership, ZEISS imaging technology will be enjoyed by many more consumers. Based on the synergy and complementarity of optical expertise and new digital technologies, vivo and ZEISS intend to make the strategic collaboration a starting point to create new opportunities for mobile imaging, enable more creativity, so as to support the long-term and healthy development of the entire industry,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo.

The first evidence of this partnership will be seen in the upcoming X60 series from Vivo that is expected to release on the 29th of December.

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