V20 SE, Leading Smartphone with Top-in-Class Camera Launched in Pakistan by Vivo

Nov 07, 2020 News

V20 SE, Leading Smartphone with Top-in-Class Camera Launched in Pakistan by Vivo

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new V20 by Vivo, but now the younger but still sleek sibling is here as the V20 SE is finally released in the Pakistani market, as it looks like a fantastic all around phone with features to dazzle you.

Firstly, we see that the phone comes with a gorgeous 6.44” AMOLED Full HD display, which will make your face light up whenever you look at it - quite literally, because the screen gets plenty bright as well, with Vivo having a track record of great brightness levels on their phones. The display is vibrant and helps output punchy colors and deep jet blacks altogether.

Moving on, we see that the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 665 paired with 8 gigs of RAM - a not-so-powerful set up, but one that will get the job done. There’s also a 4,100mAh battery which seems average by today’s standards - but is impressive once you consider the 33W flash charging that’s on board by Vivo.

You also get a triple camera setup at the back, which is manned by the main 48MP camera which won’t throw you out the boat, but will still give a solid performance nonetheless.

The design aspect of the phone is pretty slick as well, as you get a little gradient at the back, but a subtle one so to keep that premium factor going.

Vivo is growing rapidly as a company, and is already a big name globally in terms of smartphones. This has been due to their excellent offerings in mainly the mid range market, as they’ve successfully targeted the mid range audience and have benefitted quite a bit from that. Just a few years ago no one had even heard of the name Vivo, but now the Chinese phone manufacturer is the 5th biggest in the world, right behind Apple with a market share of approximately 8%. That is an impressive feat for such a newly formed company.

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