Twitter Planning To Bring E-Commerce Features Buying While Tweeting?

Mar 05, 2021 App News

Twitter Planning To Bring E-Commerce Features Buying While Tweeting?

[CNMO News] E-commerce has great potential, so many social platform functions begin to border on e-commerce. Twitter seems to have this idea too. According to reports, Twitter confirmed that they are testing a new version of e-commerce functionality on Twitter, integrating product details directly into the tweet's body, including information such as product name, store name, and product price.


It's worth noting that Twitter recently announced the "Super Follow" program. This service allows users to follow an account and get exclusive privileges for subscribers, such as newsletters, exclusive content, supporter badges, other offers, discounts, etc. Therefore, outsiders speculate that after Twitter's new e-commerce function is launched, these content creators may guide fans to buy goods.

Also, Twitter recently announced its future investment plans in e-commerce. Bruce Falck, the head of Twitter revenue, said: "We will explore ways to better support e-commerce on Twitter." "Imagine that you can find it easily and quickly with just a few clicks. Buy new skincare products or fashionable sneakers from the brands you care about."

In contrast, Twitter's competitor Facebook has recently paid more and more attention to e-commerce. The company has made related investments in applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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