Trump Says He's Going To Ban TikTok In The US

Aug 02, 2020 App News

Trump Says He's Going To Ban TikTok In The US

Trump has been increasingly opposed to the operation of TikTok in the US in recent weeks. Previously, it was rumoured that the US President was planning to ask ByteDance - the parent company for TikTok to divest the app and have Microsoft take over. However, now even that seems to be a non-option, as Trump is planning to completely remove the app in the country, disallowing its use within the premises of the US.

When asked about the situation from reporters on a news channel, Trump responded by saying “ as far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States. “. He talked about issuing an executive order for that very reason: 

“Well, I have the authority. I can do it with an executive order or that,” he said referring to emergency economic powers."

TikTok is a Chinese app, and one of the main reasons the President has given for the ban on TikTok is a growing concern for the safety of his country. There has been exclusive tension between the two countries over several issues, and it seems like the US isn’t going to let anything from China get so much following. This was seen previously as the country put a ban and several sanctions on Huawei, the largest phone maker in the world. The embassies of both countries have been closed in either country as well. 

The Chinese app has over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store and is valued at about 50 billion dollars. It surely seems like Trump is in a personal war against China and won't back down from it. 

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