Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2020

Jul 21, 2020 App News

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2020

People take numerous pictures on a daily basis in this day and age, and strangely enough, the camera quality doesn’t matter as much as the editing quality these days. It’s vital to get your editing skills on point to make your picture look its best. At times, even when the picture itself isn’t that impressive, the post-editing can breathe life into it and make one situation look like a whole different one. So, let's hop in the article and talk about the 5 best photo editing apps you can download on your Android phone as of now. 

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is considered to be one of the most respected platforms for photo editing. Although the mobile version may not be as powerful or have as many options as the desktop Lightroom, it still offers a lot of different tweaks and nobs to take your pictures to the next level. It has built-in, premium looking filters that may even do the job on their own - but if not, then you can manually change the exposure, contrast, sharpness, texture and a lot more. Moreover, you can even individually play with all the major colors present in the photo, and change them according to your liking. All in all, Lightroom is one of the best choices for mobile or desktop photo editing.


PicsArt has probably the most downloads out of any photo editing apps in this list, and that shows how much the app is adored by its users. Apart from the usual filters and manually adjusting the components of a picture, PicsArt also has unique effects you can apply on your photos, like the “Oil Painting” option, which makes your picture look like an actual oil painting. It has powerful AI effects that can seriously elevate your picture tenfold, and help you impress your friends with your mad editing skills!


Snapseed is a picture editing app by Google, so you know it’s going to be good. The app itself has all of the basics covered of a decent photo editing app, and then some. It allows you to save all your custom effects and tweaks into a file, so you can apply all those effects and settings as one preset to future photos. You can even choose a section of a photo to edit by using the selective brush inside of the app, which can come in handy on several occasions. Moreover, the app also has a built-in dark mode which is always appreciated.


Another powerful photo editor on the list. Toolwiz features over 200 effects to choose from to apply to your photos, and 200+ text fonts to go with that as well. You can choose to modify the way your face looks, with smoothening and all the other face effects inside the app. The app interface looks minimalistic, and easy-to-use as well. However, due to the lack of updates from the past couple of years, don’t expect to see any latest filters and features of that sort.


YouCam is perfect for you if you want to deal with mostly editing selfies. The app allows you to smoothen faces, remove eyebags and even make your face look slimmer. You also have the option of adding a smile to your face, and even remove objects from the background so you can have the perfect selfie that you desire for.

Any of these apps will serve you good for your editing purposes. However, to make your photos look professionally and aesthetically pleasing, then we suggest going for either Lightroom, PicsArt or Snapseed for the best results. Happy editing!

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