Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in 2020

Jun 01, 2020 App News

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in 2020

Music is a big part of people’s lives. It helps some gain confidence, for some it’s a stress reliever, and it can be a friend to many. There are different music apps available for your mobile devices that you can use to listen to many of your favourite music. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones you can get for yourself in 2020.

1.) Spotify

Spotify needs no introduction to music lovers, as it’s one of the most popular apps in the world, not just in the music category. All of the major renowned artists have their albums and songs on Spotify, and for a monthly cost of $9.99, you can have unlimited access to all of that music. Moreover, Spotify also makes use of clever algorithms to figure out what sort of music you may like based on your listens, and curates specific playlists just for you. It’s definitely the people’s favourite music app.

2.) Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an old player in this game. It has stuck around for a long time, and has  given its users free music to listen to without any membership fee whatsoever. You have access to a wide library of music, especially if you’re an EDM fan, because most EDM producers and DJs have Soundcloud as their primary music app for posting their new work. Although it’s a free service, you won’t have access to a good amount of official music from famous artists due to the fact that they don’t post their originals on there.

3.) Apple Music 

This is the go-to music app for you if you’re an Apple user. Apple music has the same subscription costs as Spotify, being 9.99 bucks, and also has all the original music from artists worldwide. You can sync it among your devices, and can pair it up with your Apple Home Pod to get a comfortable listen to all your music. It’s in a close battle with Spotify and is almost just as good, but the only place it falls short off its counterpart is the ability of Spotify to curate on-point tailored playlists for users.


This app is owned by an artist considered a Hip/Hop legend in JayZ. The app focuses deeply on up and coming artists, and makes playlists so you can discover new types of music and singers. It also is the only music app to have an option of lossless music streaming on its app for listeners. On top of all that, TIDAL includes not only music content, but videos as well, including concerts and live streams from artists. If only it had the library of Spotify, it could be a real contender, especially considering the $4 for 4 months deal it currently has right now.

5.) Pandora

Pandora is an only U.S based music streaming service for users who want to discover new music and have great playlists made for them, just like in Spotify. It has a decent collection of music, due to which it has a fastly growing user base. However, one aspect that makes it drop off from the top contending stop is the low streaming quality, even on the Premium subscription option. This is something the company needs to improve on if it wants to catch up to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. 

All in all, in our opinion, Spotify is the best music streaming app for most people. It’s the perfect package, and not only has probably the largest music library, but also helps you explore new artists and new music alike. 

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