Top 5 Gaming Titles For iOS And Android This Week: 11th June 2020

Jun 12, 2020 Games

Top 5 Gaming Titles For iOS And Android This Week: 11th June 2020

Gaming has been turned up to another level in recent years due to the smartphones becoming more powerful and the space in the market for such games being so immense. We’ve seen games like PUBG and COD mobile take over the gaming scene by storm, being even more popular than most console games in the scene. These games have championships worth millions and players across the world participate in them. In such a massive market, there are new games on the rise every single day, and that’s why we’ve compiled 5 new games that are going to intrigue you, regardless of genre because we have several of them. 

1.) HopBound

HopBound is a fun pixelated game for all those retro lovers out there. It features an interesting character named Mayumi, who apparently has a dark past, and the only way she can get over it and find peace is by going through a strange set of events which will send chills down the player’s spine - something you might not expect from a game that’s pixelated. The artstyle is also depictive of a horror type of feel, and it’s surely going to be fun playing this game.

2.) bitDungeon III

This game is for old-school gamers out there, as it features a 2D style animation, and has cartoon-ish characters and enemies, both of which don’t really mean the graphics are bad at all. You get to be a part of an adventurous ride, as you go through a huge dungeon, exploring and killing enemies in your way. BitDungeon III is now available on the app store for iOS as well along with Android. 

3.) Words For A Bird

This game is a clever puzzler which features minimalistic designs and a unique way of solving puzzles and finding words. The way the puzzles work is by the placement of letters on the screen - for example, you could be given the letters “al” on top of “e”, and that would mean al-on-e, the word being alone. We love these sort of unique puzzle games as developers try to find some new way to enhance the gameplay experience. 

4.) 100% Golf

The name might be self-explanatory for this one, as essentially the game limits the power you can use to strike the golf ball for the pot, with only 100% of power available at each level. The game is pretty simple, and can prove to be a relaxing experience to take your mind off of work for an hour or so! Available on iOS in the app store.

5.) OverclockeTD 

Being a tower defense genre game, it works essentially similar to other tower defense titles, with you having to upgrade your turrets and whatnot, and placing your defense strategically to stop the enemies from penetrating inside. However, what really stands out on this game is the way it matches the background music with the intensity of the game. As the game becomes harder and more intense, the BPM stays matched with it throughout, increasing or decreasing according to the way your level is panning out. We think this is a clever move by the developers, and surely makes for a joyable experience while playing the game.

All of these games can be a fun way to time pass, some even being addictive to a certain type of gamer. No matter which game you download from this list, we’re sure you’re going to have at least a little bit of fun! 

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