TomTom Go Arrives To Huawei's App Gallery As Google Maps' Alternative

Sep 08, 2020 App News

TomTom Go Arrives To Huawei's App Gallery As Google Maps' Alternative

Due to the disagreements and US trade ban, and as part of the blacklisting, Google is banned from doing business with Huawei, as its apps and services are not available for Huawei users. As Google offers many useful and convenient apps such as search engines, navigation app, photos and videos backup, data backup, Huawei's current user base faces difficulty in finding similar, substitute apps. 

Huawei's new devices do not support Google Play Store or any app associated with it. Instead Huawei users have started depending on its own store; Huawei AppGallery. Given the dominance of Google, Huawei's AppGallery and its significance was secondary, until recently. Having no choice now but to rely solely on AppGallery, there are not many apps available. Though now with the launch of a new app in the AppGallery, the unimportance of it has somewhat diminished.

Tomtom go

Last week, TomTom Go Navigation app was introduced to the AppGallery, and also to Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. At this year's online IFA electronics show, the president of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, Europe, announced the commitment to make Huawei's AppGallery a dependable and trustworthy alternate for the Huawei users, much like iOS and Android. In his speech, Walter Ji spoke of the Huawei users outside of China, specifically Europe, and how their phones are not only restricted to Asia. There are 460 million AppGallery users in the world out of which 33 million are in Europe.

Huawei's AppGallery has become the third largest app market, but it still is not the top best or number one. It was added that every month more than 5,000 apps were being launched and added to the AppGallery. An alternative to Google's search engine, Huawei has Petal Search that has proved to be very popular among the European users. Furthemore in the speech, Walter Ji promised for even more thorough research and development, and his commitment for Huawei to become a bigger investor in R&D by contributing more money than in the past years. 

Following the launch of TomTom Go Navigation, WeGo Maps was added to the AppGallery, which was previously Nokia Maps. WeGo Maps allows you to use the app with no data or WiFi, with free downloads offered in advance. Though nothing comes close to TomTom Go Navigation app, because while WeGo Maps gives you the feature of offline use, it does not show traffic information. With TomTom, you can access detailed 3D maps, traffic information and speed camera warnings. TomTom gives you the shortest routes, the least crowded lanes and, lets you add and delete areas according to your preference. 

There does not seem to be any cons about TomTom Go Navigation besides it not being free, like Google Maps and WeGo Maps. There is a month free trial after which you have to pay to use the app. 

Huawei is set to put out its own navigation app soon, collaborating with TomTom Go Navigation app, and if all things go right, Huawei claims it to be better and more functional than Google Maps.

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